Consultation Culture Day-Valerie Finnegan Cahill



A great Consultation builds your clientele, increases referrals & sales

Do you have a structure? A Step by Step?. Do you train team up on this process?

Does your team understand the power of the Consultation for them/their client's?

We are all doing Consultations every day but HOW are we doing them, Are you monitoring these results?

Today is a day where we explore the power of a great Consultation!...Time to change this statistic

Covering on the day...

♦Who is your client?

♦Considering your clients image

♦Eye contact & body language

♦Speaking the client's vocabulary

♦Analysing the hair, skin tone & face shape

♦Asking the right open questions 

♦Product advice and matching 

♦Formulating a plan

♦Sharing your vision

♦Confirming the plan

♦Go to work

♦Monitoring your consultation success 


Format: Theory/Look & Learn

Timing: 10am-4.00pm

No.of Participants: 20 students per course

Cost: €150 non  for non account holders. 

           €50 refundable for account holders 


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Consultation Culture Day Consultation Culture Day Mon, 22 August 2022 Mon, 22 August 2022 50 EUR Per Seat -
Tutor: Valerie Finnegan- Cahill
Location: Accademia, Dublin
Course Points: 100
Capacity: 13 remaining of 25