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Evolve - Cutting with Ben Brown

Evolve, our evolve class helps you to deepen your understanding of using more innovative methods whilst we cut hair helping you to diversify your approach to your salon clients. This class will give you a greater understanding and new ideas to take back to your salon.
I will go in depth with each demonstration, helping you to understand the why and the how to each shape.
Times 9-30 – 5-30

9-30 we start with our renowned theory lecture.

10-30 variation on a graduated bob

11-45 short graduated creative shape

1pm lunch (not provided)

1-45 start the hands on workshop, here I get the opportunity to coach you and help you hone your craft, each person will choose one shape to recreate

5-30 finish
Certificates handed out

Equipment needed
Clips at least 8

Common Course Details

  • 10am - 4pm
  • 10 students per course
  • 200 - Redeemable points
  • 60 - Non-refundable deposit
  • 260 - Total Price

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