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The Big Blonde Theory

“This course is designed to give those light bulb moments of a new found confidence in how to approach lightening services from consultation , formula  choice , technique mapping . My goal here is to really give every student an understanding of the why and how to colour hair depending on hair type texture , density and goal.
Making sure the hair has what it needs to reach our expectations as colourist

I feel we put so much emphasis on our clients having high expectations we forget so do we with how we think colour should work , however when your armed with the right education and understanding you can really begin to nail those results every time .

Day One : Morning starts with fun chemistry activity , problem solving and future proofing scenarios

Afternoon or mid morning
Live model Demo , Predone mannequins before to show the look for visuals

Day Two : Students hands-on with
live presentation models , 2 students to one model , “

Common Course Details

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  • 10am - 4:30pm
  • Katrina Kelly
  • 10 students per course
  • 200 - Redeemable points
  • 60.00 - Non-refundable deposit
  • 260.00 - Total Price
  • The Big Blonde Theory

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