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R+CO The Retro Set

Enter an exclusive styling session that promises to level up your curling and setting skills regardless of your expertise level. Improve how you set hair, honing in on creating flawless foundations through the potential of marcel irons, perfecting curl
placement and executing impeccable brush-out techniques. In addition, learn how to transform this set into a rockabilly pompadour and a modern French Twist

• Create the perfect foundation with a marcel iron set.
• Learn the secrets to proper backcombing to add volume, movement and texture.
• Discover the art of transforming a primary look into versatile secondary styles.
• Understand how to place/hide hair pins and bobby pins

What you will need to bring: Full tool kit.

Mannequin head will be provided.

Common Course Details

Parking not available on-site. Click here for more details.

  • 10am-4pm
  • Brendan Palmer
  • 8 students per course
  • 100 - Redeemable points
  • 50 - Non-refundable deposit
  • 150 - Total Price
  • R+CO The Retro Set

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    Parking not available on-site. Click here for more details.

    8 LEFT
    • 10am-4pm
    • Tue, 24 Sep 2024
    • London Accademia
    • 8 students per course
    • 150 - Total Price