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The Fantastic Boss

After such an un-settling few years and with future challenges looming, I feel its critical that we get back to basics- but basics based on a new reality! At a business level, the way we manage your business and lead our team will be the foundations that we build the future on, and, for team members, the price experience match has once again become the critical factor as our customer becomes conscious of every penny they spend. That’s why I’ve redesigned our core seminars, The fantastic Boss and The Fantastic Hairdresser to give salons owners and team members exactly what’s needed today, to make sure your business and column is strong enough to survive and thrive.

The Fantastic Boss: This important one-day seminar for salon owners will help to establish a core strategy for salon success in today’s new world. Delegates will learn how to develop and implement a clear plan of action for your business.

-Develop and implement a clear plan of action for your business.

– Create a communication and motivation structure that will maximise your most important asset- the team

– Successfully manage the critical factors of your business – profit, wage bill, recruitment, and sales.

– Focus your marketing to generate ‘real’ results – cash in your till

Time: 10am-4.30pm

Cost: €35 euro non-refundable

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