Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 5 - ALFAPARF Milano Cutting Course

Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 5


Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 5

Nexxt Generation by ALFAPARF

Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 5 begins with a refresher on the previous levels, a stylist will learn the theory of fundamental haircut of the SQUARE LAYERS. This cut  involves blunt cutting layers squarely at 90 degrees to the head to build up corners.. The result is a versatile hairstyle that is eternally popular and works on mid-length to long hair. The Lecture for this Level is CONSULTATION PROCESS ,where students will have a better understating to deliver a great job according to the clients wishes

Timing: 1 day 10.00AM Р4.30PM

Format: Theory in the morning / Hands-on workshop in the afternoon.

What you need to bring with you: Your full tool kit, including dryer, iron, flat brush, round brush, comb, scissors & a minimum of 8 straight section grips, (no clamp or butterfly grips.)

Materials provided:  Quality mannequin head, step-by-step theory book & completion Certificate.

No. of Participants: 10 students per course. ( 2 person per salon )

Course Value: ‚ā¨275

Deposit :‚ā¨75 Non Refundable – Account Holders

‚ā¨275 Non Refundable – Non Account Holders

(Our system will convert¬†‚ā¨75. deposit¬†to Sterling/GBP.)

Please note: We provide all mannequin heads with no exceptions as all cutting courses require a certain quality which we can guarantee with our heads provided.

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Course Details

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  • 10am - 4:30pm
  • Mon, 14 Aug 2023
  • Saco Hair, London
  • Piero Gentile
  • 10 students per course
  • 200 - Redeemable Points
  • 75 - Non-refundable Deposit
  • 275 - Total Price