Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 1 - ALFAPARF Milano Cutting Course

Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 1


Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 1

Nexxt Generation Stylist by ALFAPARF Milano – Are you the NEXXT GENERATION

ALFAPARF Milano has created Nexxt Generation Stylist programme РIreland’s first precision cutting education programme by a professional hair care company Рoffering nine levels of precision cutting to ALFAPARF Milano client salons throughout Ireland. With clients becoming increasingly demanding, stylists need to be able to meet their styling needs instantly on the salon floor, without hesitation or fear. The Nexxt Generation Stylist programme will allow every stylist at every level to have the confidence and the creative and technical ability to create the look requested. Designed for the stylist who simply wants to be the best at what they do, the programme offers a complete hair cutting training system, designed to allow stylists to improve their technical skills in creating the structure of a haircut, while boosting the confidence levels needed to be able to create that look.  Every Nexxt Generation Stylist level will be supported with mannequin training heads, step-by-step theory books for technical guidance through each of the courses along with a certificate of attendance at completion of each of the 9 levels. Are you ready to be the Nexxt Generation of amazing stylists? Your journey starts here with ALFAPARF Milano. All part of ALFAPARF Milano’s commitment to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to deliver world-class cutting, on your salon floor.


IMPORTANT PROGRAMME NOTE:¬†With each level of the NEXXT GENERATION STYLIST programme, it is essential that you practice the techniques learned at each course on your salon floor with real clients for at least 6 weeks between courses. This practice is essential to fully integrate the skills learned at each course, as you bring the ‚Äėexperience‚Äô gained in the salon to each of the NEXXT levels of your NEXXT GENERATION STYLIST journey.

In Nexxt Generation Stylist Level 1, a stylist will learn the theory of classic structured hair cutting, face shape and hair type, all of which are fundamental to creating the perfect haircut. In the afternoon you will be taught the first of 9 classic looks with a modern and commercial twist, in a one-length square cut. Training head and step-by-step booklets are provided. Once you have completed the course and received your certificate, you progress to the next level.

Timing: 1 day 10.00AM Р4.30PM

Format: Theory in the morning / Hands-on workshop in the afternoon.

What you need to bring with you: Your full tool kit, including hairdryer, iron, flat brush, round brush, combs, scissors & a minimum of 8 straight section grips (no clamp or butterfly grips).

Materials provided:Quality mannequin head, step-by-step theory book & completion Certificate.

No. of Participants: 10 students per course. ( 2 person per salon)

Course Value¬† ¬†‚ā¨275. / ¬£275.

Deposit Required:¬†‚ā¨75 Non-Refundable – Account Holders

‚ā¨275 Non Refundable – Non Account Holders

(Our system will convert¬†‚ā¨75. deposit¬†to Sterling/GBP.)

Please note: We provide all mannequin heads with no exceptions as all cutting courses require a certain quality which we can guarantee with our heads provided.

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