The Creator


The Creator

Now that you have mastered the basis of up-styling we are now ready to embark on exploring texture and smooth up-styling to look at incorporating bridal hair. This module focuses on building your confidence, consultation, and creativity skills. You’re now one step closer to mastering the art of up-styling.

What will you gain?

•Learn to create a half up half down textured up-style, then reversed into a texture up-style.

•Create a sleek chignon with some ornamentation

•A messy ponytail.

•Gain more confidence, better consolations face shapes, more in dept information on structure and padding.

Suitability: Students must have completed module 1- The Origins before completing the Creator.

Course Structure: 1 day 10am-4.30pm. Please bring your full up-styling tool kit. Please bring a live model.

Capacity: 12 students.

Course Value:  €35 non-refundable for account holders,

€235 non-refundable for non- account holders.

Live model required. 


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Course Details

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  • 10am - 4:30pm
  • Mon, 25 Nov 2024
  • Aztec Salon
  • Samantha Byrne
  • 10 students per course
  • 200 - Redeemable Points
  • 35 - Refundable Deposit
  • 235 - Total Price