Aoife Murphy

ALFAPARF Milano Ireland Technician

With nearly 15 years of hairdressing experience, Aoife Murphy completed her hairdressing apprenticeship under the watchful and experienced eye of her mother in their family salon, HQ Hair Salon.

With a wealth of experience from her time working in Final Touch Hair Design, HQ Hair Salon and V2 Hair Design, Aoife  is best known for Balayage but considers colour correction her first love, closely followed by fashion work and vivids!

When it comes to teaching, Aoife takes a pragmatic approach by keeping the salon and real life at the core of her class.  If a student knows who the technique or product is for and how the whole situation will play out in real salon life, those are the lessons that will stick and give the most value back in the salon.

Aoife is inspired by Lisa Walker, Jamie Sea and Sophia Hilton, for how they all let everyday hairdressers see inside their salons, their formulas, their techniques, pricing, consultation and business insights.  Also our #AlfaparfPeople over in the USA are always taking ALFAPARF Milano to the next level and to bigger platforms so it really excites me to see Cassie Siskovic, Jeanetta Walker Rodgers and Beau all out there bringing ALFAPARF Milano to the world stage!

It is no surprise that Aoife’s role model is her mam!  Not only did she train Aoife but she passed on her absolute love of education to her. She never let a year go by that she didn’t take on a massive course or a new challenge, often at her own expense.   Aoife’s mam is still a working hairdresser with multiple Masters degrees and teaching qualifications herself.