Emma Nolan

JOICO Ireland Technician

With over 2 decades of hairdressing experience, Emma Nolan qualified in hairdressing in Peter Marks on Grafton Street.  When Emma was in her second year of her training, she entered the IHF Trainee Cut & Colour Category and placed first!

With a wealth of experience from her time working in Peter Marks Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green, Emma has also worked in Hermanns, Dundrum and Reba in Ongar.

When Emma is not out and about in salons throughout Ireland, she is teaching in our Accademia.  Emma considers her teaching style to be easy going but thorough.  After 15 years of teaching, Emma appreciates that students learn at different paces and she like to breakdown the curriculum and explain it in hairdressing terms!

Emma is inspired by Michael Doyle , Michael Leong & Gary Kavanagh from Peter Mark, and Mark O Keefe from Brown Sugar as they gave her the opportunities she needed in the early stages of her career!

It is no surprise that Emma’s role model is her mam!  She describes her as her hero who is extremely loving but takes no messing!